Start a PTEC™ Program

This is a guide for institutions, industry and other interested parties that want to collaborate with CAPT to establish a Process Technology (PTEC™) program. Successful PTEC programs have followed or used the methods and information provided in this guide. However, it is the commitment and dedication of those seeking to start a program that is an absolute must for establishing and attaining a successful program. It is incumbent on the principles involved to build a trustful relationship that recognizes and fulfills the needs of all the partners in the program.

I. The key criteria listed below are critical for the successful establishment of an industry/education advisory committee:

"Process Dynamics for Starting a PTEC™ Program"

II. Provide an administrative summary for institutional administrators and share the following about the program.

"Executive Summary - PTEC™ Program Proposal"

III. Define partner benefits - what the program will provide for each and how the program can affect their operational and business strategy.

IV. Collectively define and decide on an appropriate curriculum.

Look at programs offered at other institutions and tailor a curriculum that meets the needs of industry in the area: "Examples of AAS Degree Programs"

V. Create a list of equipment and other support materials needed for the program.

Look at: "Recommended Equipment List for PTEC™"

VI. Examples of timelines for establishing a PTEC program at the state level.

See document: "Timelines for Establishing a PTEC™ Program"